• Marie Paula Assamoua


Life is full of puzzling occurrences, of colours with meanings of deeper understanding and even more confusion. Searching in the eyes of difficulties and desires, we try to find the ground to built the home of our salvation.

Sometimes we define ourselves happy and blessed to be, most times we pretend to have found happiness and favours.

We are haunted by fears of the past and future and never liaise with our present moment, we are constantly engaged and engaging to distraction.

There isn't really a remedy but by the renewal of consciousness, you can strive to see blessings in adversity and allow yourself to feel universally loved and taking care of.

It starts with a smile - a change of facial expression - of action - and profound outcome.

A smile doesn't cost anything, neither does it take anything away - It is not an effort neither a trial- It does not hurt nor blame - It keeps us healthy and sane.

Just smile - knowing that your desires are on the other side of your fears

Smile - knowing that all your difficulties can turn with a change of thought

Smile - knowing that the first person to love is yourself and you've got yourself to love

Smile - knowing that there is always a way, you either find one or create one

Smile - knowing you are never out of choices, you can choose, change, mend

Smile - knowing you are in control and universally supported

Smile and fill your life with miles of smiles.


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