There is no such thing as Failure - Life gives us Feedback

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The intentions of offering services aligned with the vision of creating greater components of resilience and excellence in delivering these services guided the flow of founding Run Your World.

At Run Your World, we believe we do not have to desire happiness, fulfilment, love, harmony and abundance, in actual fact, the desire to be cheaply fades away the ability to be happy, abundant and loved.  

As a reader, you are essentially and equally attached to your personal vision filled with situations to resolve and/or unfold. 

This scenario produces an element of deep connection between your request and desire as well as the expected answer, steps to action and precise end result.

This same concept applies in your life storytelling beginning from the manner in which you think, write and tell your story.

I am Marie Paula, Creative Neuro Linguistic Programming expert, Life Narrative Psychology Expert and Intuitive Guidance messenger. After many years of researching and developing on Human Nature, I was able to transform my life extraordinarily from the life I was labelled to live, and successfully shared this unique approach to thousand of individuals around the world.  It has been Mind Blowing.

At Run Your World, we have simplified the concept of Neuro Linguistic Programming approach by creatively designing a platform of techniques allowing self analysis and development in all areas and fields of life, resulting in greater communication, Personal knowledge management and profound creativity.

We help individuals and organisations sustain motivation and expectation in a timely manner, by mastering the code of storytelling in business, relationships, health, fitness and spirituality.

The essence of consciousness is awareness, and awareness has the ability to become more aware of one thing and less aware of something else. 

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This service is a follow up to the initial session, it is a course specifically tailored to the individual's needs. 5 first weeks to a new you and a new life at meaningfu...
Gold Package - 5 weeks course
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